• Silhouet-Tone Corundum Crystals (2Lbs) 411461
  • Silhouet-Tone Corundum Crystals (2Lbs) 411461

Silhouet-Tone Corundum Crystals (2Lbs) 411461

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Silhouet-Tone Corundum Crystals 

  • Corundum mineral crystals (2 lbs) for microdermabrasion units
  • Silhouet-Tone brand Corundum Crystals are created for use with our crystal microdermabrasion units. (S.T Peel)
  • Corundum crystals (aluminum oxide) are one of the hardest natural minerals in the world, second only to the diamond in hardness.
  • Our crystals are medical grade and have been thoroughly tested by an independent laboratory for safety and sterility.
  • They have been processed under extremely sanitary conditions and purified with special acids.
  • Crystal microdermabrasion is a useful technique for many skin concerns such as aging, sun damage, acne scarring, and blocked pores.
  • Note: Crystal bottles should be stored in a warm, dry place. To avoid clogging problems, the crystals must be kept dry.
  • To prevent damage to your unit, never bring crystals into contact with moisture.
  • The treatment area must also be completely dry.