• NSI Attraction Nail Liquid Sensitive 8.1oz 7134-24

NSI Attraction Nail Liquid Sensitive 8.1oz 7134-24

Clients with sensitivity to nail enhancement products no longer need to feel limited in their service options! NSI’s Attraction Sensitive Nail Liquid is our HEMA-Free nail liquid with the advanced monomer technology and the workability you expect from the Attraction line. Our HEMA-free nail liquid is perfect for those prone to allergies, redness, and irritation caused by traditional nail monomers. With NSI Sensitive Nail Liquid, you can say goodbye to HEMA-related irritations and say hello to beautiful nails.

NSI Sensitive Nail Liquid is specially formulated to be HEMA-free, making it ideal for clients with sensitive skin or HEMA allergies, but is great for use on all clients. Attraction Sensitive Nail Liquid creates beautiful nail enhancements, without the difficult workability like other HEMA-Free products.

  • Create natural-looking, thin nail enhancements with exceptional adhesion and unsurpassed strength & flexibility
  • HEMA-free Acrylic Nail Monomer Formula
  • Same Workability as NSI Attraction Nail Liquid
  • NSI Nail liquids do not contain MMA, which has been restricted for use in the nail industry.
  • Attraction Nail Liquid Draws the powder to the brush for quicker & easier bead pick-up
  • Non-yellowing formula UV stabilizers help to protect your nails from fading and yellowing.
  • Never crystallizes, therefore reducing time even in the most frigid regions
  • Evaporates slowly, reducing odours for a more pleasant salon & spa environment
  • For the best results, use NSI Nail Powders.
  • Use NSI Dappen Dish to reduce product evaporation

Product Instructions:


Q: Is Sensitive Nail Liquid Hypoallergenic?
A: No, while the liquid may help with some clients who are sensitive to HEMA-based nail liquids, it does not help all clients.  Even with a product not containing HEMA an allergy can develop.

Q: Can I use other companies’ powders with Sensitive Nail Liquid?
A: It is always best to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer for optimum results.  LIQUID is a complex mixture of monomers, cross-linkers, stabilizers, catalysts, and other additives.  POWDER is a polymer, copolymer, and tripolymer that contains the initiator, colourants, and other additives.  ACCELERATORS, INITIATORS, CATALYSTS, and ENERGY are needed by all artificial nail enhancement products.  If one is missing or compounded improperly, chemical reactions will happen much more slowly or not at all.