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Simplicité PolyDip System

NEW! Simplicité PolyDip System

Learn to preform a natural nail color overlay service with the NEW! Simplicité PolyDip System. With the arrival of the old technology of the traditional cyanoacrylate dip systems, we wanted to bring our system into the light cured era. We called it Simplicité because it’s simple to use and simple to remove. The unique light cured technology is faster than a traditional dip service and keeps clients’ nails strong and healthy.

Simplicité enhancements don’t need to be soaked off regularly, a nail technician can maintain and re-balance the Simplicité enhancements on a regular basis with an in-fill!

Products Used:
– Sani-Pure
– NSI Cuticle Pusher
– Simplicité Prep
– Simplicité Bond
– Simplicité PolyBase
– Simplicité Powder “Start Your Engines”
– Simplicité Seal
– Plush Brush
– Nail Wipes
– Cleanse
– Nurture Oil

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