• Silhouet Tone ST 250 Electrolysis 411100

Silhouet Tone ST 250 Electrolysis 411100

Junior Electrolysis Device 

Designed by specialists in permanent hair removal, the ST 250 electrolysis machine with its 250 programs, fully microprocessor controlled, delivers performance and results like high-end devices. The Blend ST 250 is the ideal permanent hair removal device for all electrologists. It offers quick and easy access to all pre programmed settings.


Permanent hair removal system
Performance and simplicity all in one

Specifications of the ST 250

  • 4 Thermolysis modes.
  • 5 Blend modes (automatic UL calculation).
  • 250 integrated programs to choose from.
  • 2 memory functions.
  • Choice of pedal or no pedal operation (insertion delay).
  • Variable insertion delay mode.
  • Dual timer (Chrono or true time mode).
  • Insertion counter (number of hair treated during session).
  • Hydration test.
  • Accessories self-test.

Main features

  • Simple and versatile
  • Automatic selection of settings and epilation techniques 18 specific areas (face and body procedures) are pre-programmed according to different parameters: mode, intensity, and time.
  • Personalized manual settings also available
  • Easy access to additional functions including accessory test, hair counter, and hydration test, among others

Treatment parameters

Choosing your treatment settings is now easy and fast.

Eighteen specific face and body areas that are preprogrammed according to different parameters:

mode, intensity and time

  • IN THERMOLYSIS: When selecting the hair type to be treated, the Blend ST 250 will automatically choose the most efficient thermolysis technique to be used: Super Flash, Flash or Slow.
  • IN BLEND: When the area and hair type to be treated have been chosen, the Blend ST 250 automatically selects the appropriate and most efficient Blend technique for best results: Short, Pulsing or Uni Blend.
  • IN MANUAL MODE: The Manual Mode offers direct access to the various modalities intensity and time parameters for customizing hair removal settings. Thermolysis, Blend as well as Electrolysis are all easily accessed through the digital keyboard.

Electrolysis training

Our training will allow you to discover in depth an electrolysis treatment essential to your institute.

Here is our lesson plan:

1-Advantages and benefits of the electrolysis device.
4-Technique and method of work.
5-Treatment protocols in institute.
6- Sales and Marketing Introduction.
7-Establish a treatment schedule with clients.
8- Practice.

* Prerequisite: Diploma in aesthetics.
* Duration: a full day.

Why is the ST 250 essential to your day spa?

The many features and excellent quality/price ratio make the Blend ST 250 the standard permanent hair removal benchmark.