• Medicom SafeTouch® Advanced™ Rejuvenate Thin

Medicom SafeTouch® Advanced™ Rejuvenate Thin



Textured Nitrile Medical Examination Gloves

A glove redesigned to combine all the superior qualities of nitrile coupled with the skin smoothing properties of Lanoline and the healing properties of Vitamin E.

Rejuvenate your day! Thin comfort infused with Lanolin and Vitamin E.

SafeTouch Advanced Rejuvenate Thin gloves are designed to protect professionals and patients from harm and thinner fit for superior flexibility and comfort.

Product item codes:

1199-A: XS
1199-B: S
1199-C: M
1199-D: L

Used in: Dental, Medical, Health and beauty
Available in: Canada

These gloves have a shelf life of 3 years from the date of manufacturing

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Q: What are some reactions or irritations to gloves?

A: Reported incidents of irritant contact dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis, and immediate hypersensitivity are common reactions.

Q: Can all glove materials cause reactions?

A: All gloves, whether latex or synthetic, can cause reactions in some individuals.  Specific reactions vary depending on the material and the manufacturing process.  It can happen with any glove type.

Q: Are SafeTouch gloves available in a powder-free type?

A: Yes, including latex, nitrile and vinyl.

 Q: If someone is allergic to latex which SafeTouch glove should I recommend?

A: You can recommend our Vinyl or Nitrile gloves.   Both of these do not contain LATEX and are available in powder and powder-free.

Q: What is the type of powder in SafeTouch gloves?

A: The powder in our gloves is cornstarch, not wheat.

Q: What is the protection against H1N1 virus through gloves?

A: A majority of our gloves were tested for viral penetration which includes viruses such as H1N1. However, the test is conducted with a bacteriophage that is representative of most viruses and not H1N1 virus itself.

Q: Is there Gluten in Medicom SafeTouch gloves?

A: There is NO GLUTEN in any of our gloves