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Butterfly PAPILLON Adhesive - Top Grade



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Adhesives are temperature and humidity sensitive - please have the adhesive delivered to a location where there is someone physically there to receive the glue - it CAN'T be left in an outside mailbox as this will ruin the bottle.  

Amazing Bonding Power Adhesive-This versatile adhesive is ideal for all Technicians, including advanced, but has great versatility as it dries in 3-4 seconds, allowing for extra application time, making it perfect for new technicians. This adhesive delivers amazing performance and is ideal for those technicians and clients sensitive to smell as it has no odour and is latex free. Shelf life: 2 months once shipped. Keep tightly capped in a cool/dry place. Shake well before each use.

Note: If you have a client that is prone to sensitivities a patch test is highly recommended. Apply 4-5 eyelashes, wait 48 hours, and if no reaction occurs, proceed with a full set of eyelash extensions.

As you all know, adhesives are very temperature and humidity sensitive. To create the optimal environment for lashes and ensure your client's treatment is maximized, temperature and humidity must be as follows:

Room temperature: 68-78 degree (or 20-26C) room temperature

45-60% relative humidity to maintain proper viscosity of adhesive during your lash application