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NSI Attraction Trial Kit

KIT CONTENTS: Attraction Nail Liquid – 30 mL (1 Fl. Oz.), Attract (Acid-Free) Primer – 7 mL (.25 Fl. Oz.), Attraction Rose Blush Powder – 7 g (.24 Oz.)


Attraction Acrylic System empowers the user to create captivating enhancements, effortlessly. The unique flow and spring back action are unsurpassed.

Kit Contents:

  • Attraction Nail Liquid – 30 mL (1 Fl. Oz.)
  • Attract (Acid-Free) Primer – 7 mL (.23 Fl. Oz.)
  • Attraction Rose Blush Powder – 7 g (.24 Oz)


Q: What is the set time of Attraction Nail Liquid?
A: The Attraction Acrylic System has a wonderful spring-like consistency when the mix ratio is a medium-wet mix.  The average set time is 3 – 5 minutes; however, once you lift your brush, the product will start to set.

Q: Can I use other companies’ powders with Attraction Nail Liquid?
A: It is always best to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer for optimum results.  LIQUID is a complex mixture of monomers, cross-linkers, stabilizers, catalysts, and other additives.  POWDER is polymer, copolymers, and TriPolymers that contain the initiator, colourants, and other additives.  ACCELERATORS, INITIATORS, CATALYSTS, and ENERGY are needed by all artificial nail enhancement products.  If one is missing or compounded improperly, chemical reactions will happen much more slowly or not at all.

Q: Is the odour of monomer liquids dangerous?
A: Just because something has an unpleasant odour, doesn’t make it dangerous.  Perfumes, although pleasant to smell, cause more allergies in the US than anything else.

Q: Can I use other NSI powders with Attraction Nail Liquid?
A: Yes.  Our unique polymer formulations for Attraction Powders are made with a delicate balance of ingredients to make them completely compatible with Attraction Nail Liquid.

Q: What mix-ratio is optimal for the Attraction Acrylic System?
A: For the best results, use a medium-wet mix where the bead has no loose powder around the edges and is it not dripping with the excess monomer.  You will know the bead is right by the look, feel, and colour.