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Micrylium BioSON 2x Concentrate 20x50ml Pouch-Case


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Description:  Ultrasonic bath surfactant concentrate

Usage:  Used as an instrument pre-soak and cleaning detergent.  Staff who reprocess instruments in their decontamination centres are protected with BioSON.  BioSON (50mL) 1:30 dilution (Standard 1.8 L baths).  BioSON (5L) 1:30 dilution (for large 15 L cassette system baths).

Features and Benefits:

•    Biodegradable, safe for the environment & local sewage systems

•    Antimicrobial

•    Mixes instantly

•    Economical to use

•    Enzymatic cleaner that breaks down blood and other proteins

•    Non-corrosive

•    User-friendly

BioSON is safer and kinder to staff as it does NOT contain toxic phenols and aldehydes. Gloves and masks are NOT necessary with BioSON.

BioSON saves time and money.  The diluted solution remains effective for up to 5 days.  You can use BioSON as a pre-soak to remove dried blood and saliva off instruments and another armamentarium.

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