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LCN Ultra Shine - UV Sealing-Gel


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LCN Ultra Shine Sealant (5ml, 15ml, 100ml)

A sealant with UV protection. Helps to prevent damage caused by UV rays. High Gloss Ultra Shine seals and enhances the white free edge Developed to enhance any coloured finish and to protect colour stability against intense UV sunlight.

Light cured high-gloss top coat that brightens and protects French and nail art finishes. Has a slight blue tone to brighten whites and make colours pop.

APPLICATION: Apply a generous coat of Ultra Shine after French or full colour gel application, and any nail art application, cure. All LCN Sealants work extremely well to secure and protect rhinestones and nail jewelry.

EFFECT: High gloss shine, scratch resistant, contains a UV protector to maintain colours and whites.

CHARACTERISTICS: Compatible with all LCN Gel resins.

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