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LCN Polish Seal


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LCN Polish Seal (8ml, 10ml)

The perfect protection for every nail polish! Polish Seal is a UV curing top coat that can be easily removed with LCN's acetone free removers. Polish Seal provides the nail polish with long-lasting protection and a high-gloss and scratch resistant surface. Suitable for both natural and artificial nails. Polish Seal hardens in just 3 minutes in a UV lamp or under a minimum 60 watt light bulb! 10ml

Insider tip for long lasting manicures: Using a quality base, like one of our fantastic Spa Nail Therapy base coat options, further extends the life of your manicure as does keeping your cuticles moisturized with LCN Nail Oil or one of our fabulous cuticle Care Pens. Use a daily cuticle treatment to keep you cuticles soft, supple and your manicure looking great!

Polish Seal is ideal for healthy normal to strong nails. Results are not guaranteed for weak, flexible and damaged nails

How To Use Polish Seal

Polish nails using LCN professional nail polish or your favorite polish.
Wait four minutes for polish to dry to touch.
Apply a coat of Polish Seal as you would a tradi-tional top coat, making sure to “cap” the tip of the nail.
Curing with UV/LED device: place hands in UV light for 4 minutes, and LED light for 3 minutes.
Alternatively, you may cure Polish Seal for 5 - 6 minutes under a standard light using a minimum 60 watt light bulb. LCN recommends using a small table lamp that will allow you to rest your hands on a surface, rather than hovering hands under the light, which could result in injury.