• LCN Anti-Age Professional Kit (ONLY)

LCN Anti-Age Professional Kit (ONLY)


Product Information :

Bath Concentrate:

A soft soothing cleansing formula which smooths nourishes and regenerates the skin.

Special care formula for sensitive hands. 100ml Peeling Cream:

A gentle peeling cream with a nourishing effect. Gently removes dead cells & preparing the skin to receive the anti-age lifting concentrate. Biodegradable Hydrogenated Castor Oil. 50ml Lifting Concentrate:

Fast absorbing Serum-Concentrate with Anti Aging affects for the hands (used with Studio Skin Expert) will increase penetration & speed results. Contains Fennel, Elastin, Joboja oil & Panthenol.

50ml Overnight Mask: Intensely nourishing night mask for dry and stressed skin. NOT rinsed off.

50ml Hand Cream: Closing massage cream for demanding skin.

Anti-Age ingredients - Fennel, Elastin, Jojoba Oil & Panthenol. 50ml Applications per kit: Approx. 15-20 services