INM Non Yellowing UV Blocking Topcoat


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INM-Non Yellowing UV Blocking Topcoat 0.5oz

  • Acrylic UV topcoat
  • Non-yellowing
  • Optical enhancers 

THIS PRODUCT: Total Eclipse protects acrylic nails from exposure to ultraviolet rays. The optical enhancers bring out the natural look of the nail bed and the clean white of the free edge. Total Eclipse also brings out the brilliance of the coloured collections.

HOW TO USE: Apply two coats of Total Eclipse over the acrylic nail. If your client experiences any softening from the use of suntan lotions or face creams, apply one coat of Out the Door topcoat over the Total Eclipse. Not for use on polish


  • Will prevent acrylic nails from yellowing or staining due to clients that frequent tanning salons.
  • Will enhance coloured and glitter enhancements
  • Dries in two minutes

TOTAL ECLIPSE is available in:

  • ½ oz. bottle
  • 6 pack display- ½oz bottle
  • 1/8oz bottle
  • 2 ½ oz. bottle