• IBD Spa Aussie Pink Clay 2 Detox Scrub
  • IBD Spa Aussie Pink Clay 2 Detox Scrub

IBD Spa Aussie Pink Clay 2 Detox Scrub



This botanical polisher features natural exfoliating ingredients to slough off the rough, dry, flaky surface and reveal refined, revitalized skin. With powerfully purifying tea tree extracts, it deep cleans pores and promotes fresher, cleaner, healthier-looking skin. HOW TO USE Stir contents before use. Apply 14 g/0.5 oz of Scrub to towel-dried skin. Smooth over feet and lower legs, then gently massage into skin. For softer exfoliation, slightly dampen the skin or add water. Rinse Scrub off in footbath.


Inspired by Tea Tree Oil, a well-known staple for almost every professional nail technician, ibd SPA introduces a 4-Step Pedi System featuring this powerhouse ingredient. This pedicure system is designed to give you the purifying benefits of tea tree in every step of your pedicure experience. It delivers antioxidant qualities that help cleanse and tone the skin, while its soothing benefits help keep the skin hydrated. Take your client’s treatment to the next level by adding a foot mask to the regimen. After cleansing the feet with the Aussie Pink Clay Detox Soak and rinsing the Aussie Pink Clay Detox Scrub, apply a layer of Aussie Pink Clay Detox Mask to the feet and lower legs to refine, nourish, and revitalize skin. Leave on for 5-10 minutes, then rinse off. Smooth on Aussie Pink Clay Detox Crème to lock in moisture.