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IBD Treatment Cotton Gloves (Medium Weight White)


The medium weight has a hemmed cuff for a cleaner look.

Popular Uses:

  • Can be worn in a receiving line.
  • Worn as Server s Gloves for waiters and waitresses at a formal dinner.
  • Protecting products from fingerprints when doing inspection work or packaging.
  • When applying a hand cream before bedtime to protect the bedding and maximize absorption. This is a great treatment for severely chapped hands!
  • Popular white glove choice for Blacklight Puppetry performances!
  • Working with a stamp collection, photos, negatives, gems, jewelry, crystal, artwork, sterling silver.
  • When working with postcards and other paper collectibles.
100% Medium weight cotton lisle inspection glove
  • Design: Two-piece reversible wear design, Hemmed at the wrist
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Colour: White