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GD Nano Hair Steamer

D2019E Nano Hair Steamer

The Nano steamer device is use the super heated steam generating device, make the liquid vapor into single water molecules, and the water molecules diameter is about 026nm.
The water molecules with heating energy, It can penetrate the gap of approximately 1 nm cuticle, direct between the fiber internal filling material between the hair beam. It will improve the water supplement and nutrition and hair care products import on hair, to repair the hair and enhanced hair products effect.
Thermal effect of the Nano steamer device:
Nano steamer in the conduction process of nutrient, medium hair and fibrous tissue, absorption of nano energy into heat energy, can increase the kinetic energy of amino acids and sugars, lipids, keratinocyte compound protein, hair temperature increase, enlarged pores, and it it beneficial to the hair care products via surface diffusion absorption. This thermal effect can activation of deep fiber cells, strengthen the local chain bonding repair, make the hair recover the flexibility, returning the youth.