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  • Épillyss Chocolate Depilatory Gel - IBD Boutique

Épillyss Chocolate Depilatory Gel




Advanced wax

A gourmet and enveloping wax with chocolate aromas. It contains Shea butter rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins that nourishes, soften and protect dry skin. This wax contains no allergens and its application is very gentle and comforting . 

CAUTION: This wax does not heat up in the microwave

Chocolate Depilatory Gel Formats: 560 ml (20 oz), 730 ml (24Oz)



Bioresin C3 benefits Epillyss Chocolate Depilatory Gel with vasodilator properties, which reduce pain, redness, and soreness usually associated with hair removal. This milk chocolate colored wax is formulated with zinc oxide and anti-oxidizing natural cocoa butter oil, which also provides a bonus soothing, comforting fragrance, and natural vitamin E to give skin additional moisture and softness.

This creamy gel has exceptional texture and is able to be used at an ultra-low temperature, which makes application very simple, efficient, and less gummy and best suited for application of wax to extensive areas. This strip wax is recommended for use on thin to average hair and is hypoallergenic; perfect for very sensitive skin.

The product should be heated in the wax heater.

Ingredients: Colophonium (purified pine resin), Cocoa Oil (Natural cacao oil) Propylenglycol, Bioresin C3, Zinc Oxide

Essential Oils: Natural Cocoa Butter Oil