• CND Sealebond Nail Adhesive 0.5oz

CND Sealebond Nail Adhesive 0.5oz


SealeBond™ is a professional-grade, pressure-set, moisture-resistant liquid adhesive for securing tips to the nail plate with a 10-second set time.
nail adhesive for tips

14 g. / 0.5 oz

1. Determine the degree of top and bottom camber - To accommodate a ski jump or flat nail, the tip will need to be angled slightly downward. The steeper the curve, the more the tip should be angled (downward) relative to the nail. The contact area may be slightly raised from the nail surface, provided that the stop point of the tip fully adheres to the extension edge of the natural nail. This area should be removed when blending the area.

2. Place a bead of SealeBond™ adhesive in the contact area of the tip and spread it evenly, taking special care to coat the corners. Place a thin line of adhesive on the extension edge of the natural nail plate. Hold the tip between your thumb and forefinger when applying the adhesive.

3. Gently spread the adhesive with the tip to completely cover the entire extension edge. To do this, make one or two quick wipes. one or two quick wipes. Be especially careful to coat the corners of the natural nail and the side wall of the contact area. with the adhesive.