• Cabine Exclusive Slimming Body Gel Ionizable 500ml

Cabine Exclusive Slimming Body Gel Ionizable 500ml


Beauty benefits

Thanks to a combination of various active ingredients such as centella asiatica and a patented multi-active complex that includes guarana, caffeine and carnitine, all of which have a direct effect on eliminating the fat cells responsible for the orange peel effect, the Slimming Body Gel helps to noticeably reduce the thickness of the fat layer, while firming and smoothing the surface of the skin.

Reduces the thickness of the fat layer by working synergistically on the steps that regulate lipolysis.

Day after day, the skin is smoother, softer and firmer. Dimples disappear, resulting in a more refined and resculpted figure.

Suitable for: This cream is suitable for all skin types as part of a slimming treatment.

Size: 500 ml


Active ingredients

Centella Asiatica

Centella Asiatica prevents the appearance of wrinkles, nourishes tired skin, restores brightness and restructures skin density.

Properties of centella asiatica: healing, reconstructing, cell turnover.

Extract of guarana, caffeine and carnitine

The body’s natural subcutaneous fat reduction mechanisms are accelerated thanks to a unique patented multi-active complex that consists of guarana, to which is added caffeine and carnitine. By acting directly on the stimulation of lipolysis and the oxidation of free fatty acids in mitochondria, the thickness of fat tissue is reduced. The body is remodelled and smoothed. Dimples are dramatically reduced.  

Properties of the multi-active complex: remodels and smooths the body, accelerates fat loss, firming.


Complex of lipolytic agents with caffeine extract

For an even greater slimming effect, a powerful lipolytic complex loaded with caffeine is added to this treatment. Lipolysis is strongly stimulated thanks to its concentrated action, which occurs before the breakdown of triglycerides. Lipids are released from the fat cells: cellulite is lessened and the silhouette is slimmed.


Suggested use

Please refer to the user manual of the device for the care protocol.