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Butterfly Wink Lint Free Eye Gel Patches


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New and Improved, who doesn’t love a makeover?!
Hello, lash artists! We have exciting news to share, our Wink Me Patches have gotten a name makeover – they are now called Butterfly Winks!

On the inside is still the same pale pink patches we know and love. The makeover part is the outside. Gone is the pink pouches/boxes and replacing it is a black pouch. Here is the awesome part …we can now be environmentally friendly with these as well. No more boxes to throw away!

Here’s a reminder of the benefits:

Light pink in colour - beneficial when doing light coloured lashes as the lashes stand out more with the pink background
Shaped like a Nike sign – great for all eye shapes with a little extra treatment exactly where we need it
Soft, thin and pliable
Sticky – will not move while you are working, unless you chit-chat with your clients. But our lash artists wouldn’t do that!!!

Now available, enjoy!!