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Lisap Easy Fast Lights pwp System


100% Ammonia-Free

The EASY SHINING FAST LIGHTS PWP system has two components:
1 Easy Shining Fast Lights Tube DECOLORANT CREAM 100ml
6 Easy Shining Fast Lights LIGHTENING INTENSIFIER Powder 25g

Mixing the two components, with the addition of the EASY Developer oxidant, produces an ammonia-free highlighting cream for streaks and highlights, with a lifting action of up to 4/5 shades in only 15 minutes when using a gentle source of heat. The product is easy to use and with the PWP System, it conditions, nourishes and restructures the hair, leaving it easy to style, soft and wonderfully shiny.

EASY FAST LIGHTS is ideal for professionals who use foil, making it easy to create precise and controllable effects either as partial techniques or throughout the head.